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Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Off The Grid Catwalk Looks

Fall 2019 – Off The Grid

“ I haven’t been interested in prettiness for a long time, and the world doesn’t look saccharine and innocent to me anymore. So here we are with “Off The Grid” - a gaggle of women have retreated, but there’s safety in numbers. They’re regrouping and plotting somewhere on the West Coast where nature is so beautiful and big it’s almost threatening. Deep beneath the soil in an underground bunker a new form of beauty is preparing to grow up and out like a virulent weed. We won’t be off the grid for long.” Alexa Chung, Creative Director

  1. sale
    Durum Long Dress
    £350.00 £140.00
  2. sale
    Maisy Frill Dress
    £495.00 £198.00
  3. sale
    Prairie Shirt
    £190.00 £76.00
  4. sale
    Easy Blouse
    £160.00 £64.00
  5. sale
    Light Frill Shirt
    £250.00 £100.00