Monthly Musings

From Muse to Musing

By Alexa Chung

LATELY I’m worried I’m turning into Moira Rose. For those of you who are yet to watch Schitt’s Creek, I can’t believe you haven’t completed enough of Netflix that you’ve ended up devouring it. Don’t tell me you’re stuck on Emily in Paris.... For the uninitiated, Mrs Rose is an ex day-time television star who now lives in a small town and takes every opportunity to brag about her former life singing back up on track 9 of the Starlight Express CD.

The reason I bring up Moira is to qualify the reason for this letter. As a lover of muses and HAVING BEEN ONE MYSELF I thought it would be fun to point out a few of my favourite pieces in our Suburban Punk collection and explain how they came to be and sometimes who specifically they were inspired by.

I’ll start with


the Clapton





You guessed it, this beauty in apple green was inspired by a vintage picture I found at the bottom of a google hole. I never really associate Eric Clapton with jazzy outfits, not because he didn’t wear them, rather that they’re eclipsed by the cluster of images I’ve stored in my brain of Mick Jagger from the same era. Anyway there it was this glorious image of Clapton avec guitar in the most vibrant green silk. The shape itself was my attempt to channel my friend Christopher Niquet’s natty elegant style. He possesses multiples of the same shaped shirt that he has made up in different fabrics. It has a long collar and a neat fit. It’s perfect.



"I’ve always wanted to be this precise with my own wardrobe - find a shape that works and stick to it, but I like hoarding too much."



Our Penelope long tailored coat has an amazing lapel that echoes the shape of a seventies overcoat. One part Love Story one part eighties business woman. I love how bubbly and extra it is at a time when tailoring is enjoying a masculine, tidy, oversized moment. This beauty still has that tomboyish edge but the punkesque belt and check wool fabric make it more unexpected.


OUR  AC Tour Boot has become somewhat of a classic for us. I wanted to create an ankle boot you could traipse around in for hours on end without the need for plasters under your socks. The Beatles for me are the best boot wearers in the biz. Theirs had almond toes a slight lift at the heel and were worn with razor sharp suits. Think their iconic looks for their Shea Stadium concert. As the first attempt at a full stadium show by any band ever that Shea Stadium gig actually did a lot to alter the way modern touring happens. Mainly the sound. Before The Beatles popularity with large crowds of screaming teens most speaker set ups were fine. But with larger spaces to fill and shriller pitches to contend with a new form of sound system had to be invented. Andddd sooo we called these the AC tour boot because I heard there’s a fairly excellent speaker called the AC amp. I think. Either that or the DC or something. Either way this season they’ve been updated and refabricated in a burgundy lizard for wine and boot lovers the world over.



Our Give The Cold Shoulder ruffle dress started its journey as a collection of pictures on a moodboard. Along with random pirate shirts there was an image of a young Kate Moss looking as fresh as the undriven snow. As a teenager I snuck into China White in Piccadilly and was told by a random old man (he was probably twenty-five) that my skin looked like snow before someone treads in it. This sounded creepy AF at the time but now I think it was probably the most beautiful compliment I’ve ever received. This off the shoulder ruffle dress was made to party in.



It’s mini, it’s maxi, it glitters in a sensible way.